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Our Message to Fans of The Tragically Hip

Our shows are not only an homage to Canada's favourite band; they're also about creating a community, and uniting fans who share a love for the legendary music that continues to form the soundtrack of our lives.

We don't pretend to be The Hip.  We are fans of the band, just like you.  We cherish the collective live experience, focusing on recreating the exhilarating energy of a Tragically Hip show.  Nostalgia takes center stage as we transport you back to the moments when you first fell in love with their music.  Our performances are an authentic reflection of our admiration for the Tragically Hip, and we strive to convey the same spirit that made their shows so special.

Offstage, 'Grace, 2' proudly supports charitable activities and actively seeks to cultivate relationships with relevant charitable organizations.  By celebrating The Tragically Hip's music, we also strive to honour their values and the positive impact they've had beyond the music.

Get In Touch

We always love to hear from fellow fans of 'The Hip'.  

Feel free to connect with us on our social accounts, or send us an email!

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